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Testimonial Djoko MUdjiono S
Daxa is truly no disappointment. The tech support team is very patience, especially...

pupung tirtana

It's OK. Really no disappointment, I don't regret I subscribe to Daxa Networks services ... The technical support is quick to response and very helpful ... I develop many website with the help of my friends at Daxa, especially Bro Mawan and Nathan ... Thanks ... Good luck to Daxa..

Malay : Daxa Besh Sangat! Inggris : Daxa Very Best! Paling Cepet!

The support is patience and kind ...
Daxa.net saluuut ... for the handling of my trouble by technical support. Great, super fast ... BRAVO DAXA.NET

Tri Gunarto
Really appreciate Daxa
the unlimited transfer is really proven...







Why Choose Daxa Networks?

We have been in this field since the year 1997 (already 11 years old until today). We have been experiencing all sorts of problems related to Human Resources, Hardware, Software, Networking, Domain registration, and other factors related to this field. "Been there done that" we should be able to describe the excess.

We provide cutting-edge technologies that are available for your use. R & D team we are always monitoring the development of technology that is available in the middle of the rapid development of IT technology today.

We provide very competitive prices among which you can find in the market, both for Linux hosting, Windows 2003, or BSD Unix, without sacrificing the quality of our service to you. Why do we afford? Because of our deep understanding about the intricacies of this industry, making us capable of concocting concoction that is not expensive, but high quality.

On each server for a maximum of only placed PERSONAL package 250 hosting accounts (domain could be due to an acount can be more than one domain with domain aliasing). Meanwhile, for a maximum of only 15 WEBFARM package alone account per server. Thus, your site is not "narrow-bersempit with all the problems" as if you are using other hosting services that can put up thousands of accounts on one server.

We provide a wide choice of web hosting package which you can choose according to your needs. We give you the flexibility to upgrade and downgrade the packages selected in accordance with the conditions that existed at you.

We not only provide a place you place your webserver to your website, but also noticed it goes after your website "up and running.". We help provide information about promotional techniques on the Internet, so you can have a starting point to begin your exploration in mengexplore opportunities to optimize your website.

We provide UNLIMITED Data Transfer. Unlike other web hosting data transfer (uplink and downlink) are given quotas, whereby if you exceed your quota is subject to additional charges that are sometimes many times your monthly hosting fee. Here there is no "COST shocked."Here you are not "punished" if your site is successful (many are accessing).

We currently operate dozens of web server (no overload), either domestically or abroad, one of the largest in the webhosting industry in Indonesia. You create a direct benefit is that we have the flexibility if there is a webserver with problems. Your website will quickly we move to another server that is not problematic.

For resellers who do not want to know that you are affiliated with Daxa Networks, we provide an anonimous dns nameserver you can use as you and your clients.

Last but not least, the location of our office in downtown Jakarta, jam free, and easy to reach from any direction.

It's easy if you include the likes occasionally come to our place.