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Testimonial Djoko MUdjiono S
Daxa is truly no disappointment. The tech support team is very patience, especially...

pupung tirtana

It's OK. Really no disappointment, I don't regret I subscribe to Daxa Networks services ... The technical support is quick to response and very helpful ... I develop many website with the help of my friends at Daxa, especially Bro Mawan and Nathan ... Thanks ... Good luck to Daxa..

Malay : Daxa Besh Sangat! Inggris : Daxa Very Best! Paling Cepet!

The support is patience and kind ...
Daxa.net saluuut ... for the handling of my trouble by technical support. Great, super fast ... BRAVO DAXA.NET

Tri Gunarto
Really appreciate Daxa
the unlimited transfer is really proven...







Web Development

If you want to create a website, certainly for the first time you have to prepare the content (information content) for your website. You must set up the words, pictures, photographs, and the flow of information you want to for your website. You have two options, whether you create by your own or you can submit it to some web developer to create a website for you. If you choose to create by your own, at least you should do one step below:

  • You have to learn one software to create a website, such as Dreamweaver, FrontPage, or other softwares that can search through search engines (eg google or bing).
  • You have to learn CMS software (Content Management System) which is can be obtained from the Internet, (eg Joomla).
  • Then you can start creating your own website.

    But maybe you will think that your time is too valuable if only spent on learning softwares and creating websites, then you decide to have someone else make it for you. You can search via search engines and will get a lot of parties that can make a website. As we know, making a website is something that is abstract and subjective, so we have to make a specific aggreement to avoid misperceptions for both sides someday. As a webhosting company we also have a web development team, but it's just that we're more focused on our own internal purposes. If you want to us help you to create your website, we can discuss it further more, and it is better if you have a detail descriptions about your website's plan so the making process of your website would be running well. First of all please fill out this form