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Testimonial Djoko MUdjiono S
Daxa is truly no disappointment. The tech support team is very patience, especially...

pupung tirtana

It's OK. Really no disappointment, I don't regret I subscribe to Daxa Networks services ... The technical support is quick to response and very helpful ... I develop many website with the help of my friends at Daxa, especially Bro Mawan and Nathan ... Thanks ... Good luck to Daxa..

Malay : Daxa Besh Sangat! Inggris : Daxa Very Best! Paling Cepet!

The support is patience and kind ...
Daxa.net saluuut ... for the handling of my trouble by technical support. Great, super fast ... BRAVO DAXA.NET

Tri Gunarto
Really appreciate Daxa
the unlimited transfer is really proven...







5. Promote Your Website

Once you have a website, whether people automatically know about your website? No. Without being told, no one will ever know. Who should be telling them? You surely do don't you? Who else?

The problem is how to tell the world about your web presence. Several ways:

1. Create a signature in your email, so that each time you send an email to anyone on the bottom of this email will be written :

My name is Excellent
online cake shop -->visit http://www.mywebsite.tld

2. Include your website in your name card. If your organization has many members / employees, list the url of the website on your business cards all your employees. Certainly do not forget to quickly ordered that spent / distributed, no need diirit-efficiency.

3. If your employees use uniforms, put your website URL in your company uniform, either with silk screening, if a uniform of T-shirts, or embroidered, if the uniform of a shirt or a vest / jacket.

4. If your company has the operational vehicle, list your website url on the vehicle. With a slightly larger size if possible, to be seen clearly from a distance.

5. Website link exchange with your colleagues. So on your website there are links to websites of your friends, your friends and on the website there is a link to your website.

6. Submit your website url to search engines such as google.com, yahoo.com, search.com, live.com, etc.. We recommend that you follow the format prescribed by them in order to get maximum results from search engines. Not enough room here to explain it, you can buy a lot of books available on how to use search engines to increase visitors to your website.

7. Put banner ads on websites visitors a high traffic, such as detik.com, etc.

8. Put ads in magazines, newspapers, radio, television or other media that can reach your prospective customer.

Essentially you need to promote your webite. Implementation depends on your goals, your spoon, your budget, etc.. Here are listed from the simplest to the most expensive, you have to adjust to conditions suitable for your website.