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Testimonial Djoko MUdjiono S
Daxa is truly no disappointment. The tech support team is very patience, especially...

pupung tirtana

It's OK. Really no disappointment, I don't regret I subscribe to Daxa Networks services ... The technical support is quick to response and very helpful ... I develop many website with the help of my friends at Daxa, especially Bro Mawan and Nathan ... Thanks ... Good luck to Daxa..

Malay : Daxa Besh Sangat! Inggris : Daxa Very Best! Paling Cepet!

The support is patience and kind ...
Daxa.net saluuut ... for the handling of my trouble by technical support. Great, super fast ... BRAVO DAXA.NET

Tri Gunarto
Really appreciate Daxa
the unlimited transfer is really proven...








For corporate or creative personalities who are or will try in the field of web site creation and management, Daxa Networks Reseller program gives the possibility for you to operate with a head who over the minimum cost.You do not need to think about all the things associated with the hardware (server). Your client who will get a quality server technology, while you can better concentrate on your area of expertise, making your website without hassle taking care of the server.

There are two ways to get your benefits :

1. Preferred Client

Have accounts in Daxa Networks. This account is known as the Master Account. By the time you register an additional account, list the DOMAIN NAME of your Master Account as ID. That way you will get a discount of 15% of the cost of hosting (not including setup fee) for each additional account outside of your Master Account. If not listed, we may be mistaken and think as an individual account (without discount). We will not deal directly with your clients, and you must serve your clients in connection with technical issues, billing, and so forth.

"15% Discount is not applicable to the above hosting packages Master Account"

You are free to determine your fare to your clients, which may include tariff arrange and manage web sites, in addition to the rental rates of the server (web hosting).

Bill we will send to you and your invoice to your client. This accounts for your clients, is made exactly the same as the usual accounts, not a subdirectory on your site, thus not reducing your space at all. They differ only in billing fees are collected in one place.

If you already have two accounts (including the Master Account) can convert into a monthly payment.

2. Webfarm Package

With this package you will get broad space, and you can put as many domains (www.klien-anda.ext) therein. Number of domains that you can accommodate in accordance with the provisions of the package that you take. Then if you run out space, you can upgrade your package to take.