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Testimonial Djoko MUdjiono S
Daxa is truly no disappointment. The tech support team is very patience, especially...

pupung tirtana

It's OK. Really no disappointment, I don't regret I subscribe to Daxa Networks services ... The technical support is quick to response and very helpful ... I develop many website with the help of my friends at Daxa, especially Bro Mawan and Nathan ... Thanks ... Good luck to Daxa..

Malay : Daxa Besh Sangat! Inggris : Daxa Very Best! Paling Cepet!

The support is patience and kind ...
Daxa.net saluuut ... for the handling of my trouble by technical support. Great, super fast ... BRAVO DAXA.NET

Tri Gunarto
Really appreciate Daxa
the unlimited transfer is really proven...







F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Question)

What is Virtual Web Hosting?
Do I have to put WWW before domain name?
How do I transfer files the website?
What is "cgi-bin" directory for?
Is Daxa Networks provides technical support?
Could I transfer my domain name to Daxa Networks?
How long Daxa Networks can set up a new account?
How long my domain name can be actived?
What featured which contained in the control panel?

What is Virtual Web Hosting?

It means that you can get a domain name on our web server, and display your site on the Internet. You do not need to provide your own server, and using the full domain (www.situs-anda.com), The guests who visit your site do not see the difference that you provide your own server. And so your email addresses will use "you@your-site.com", so if you change your ISP, you do not have to replace your email address.

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Do I have to put WWW before domain name?

Absolutely not, you may include that or not. The domain name "yourdomain.com" can be accessed by write down "www.yourdomain.com" or just "yourdomain.com" only.

As a guidance, if your domain name is short, eg, "psx.com", it would be more comportable if it is written with "www.psx.com". But if your domain name is quite long, eg "putra_sejahtera.com", it would be simple if we write it without the www, just "putra_sejahtera.com".

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How do I transfer files to your website?

You can create these files .html and graphics are required on your computer and then upload them to your virtual server by using File Transport Protocol (FTP). We recommend WS_FTP which is one of the best FTP program. However you can use other FTP programs that are more suitable for you. Make sure you upload the files .html in ASCII mode. While for the files that are not in text format, such as pictures, sounds, etc to use binary mode.

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What is "cgi-bin" directory for ?

This directory is used to put files (CGI script written in Perl or Unix Shell), it is kind of program that can be executed, such as counters, shopping carts, etc.. CGI scripts are used to display data that are not fixed (always changes and different for visitor who access the web), or produce something on demand (search). Please note that this directory can be fully function after your domain name has actived.

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Is Daxa Networks provides technical support?

Yes. We suggest our customers to send email to support@daxa.net with questions about their accounts. We try within 24 hours we will answer that emails. We do not recommend you to contact technical support team by phone, because it takes time to learn the problem and answers the questions.

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Could I transfer my domain name to Daxa Networks?

Yes, if you already have account on some web hosting provider, move it to our servers quick and easy, without disturbing the performance of your website. After setup your account (explain you want to transfer, NOT to register a new domain name), you can upload your files with FTP shortly. When the domain name transfer is complete, there is a time period of 72 hours where this site will be function same with the old site. Visitors will enter one of these sites. Before the end of 72 hours, you can request to previous hosting provider to remove your domain name from their records and update the DNS records. After the old account has turned off, automatically your site on our servers will be fully functional, even your visitor can make any difference about these transfer.

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How long Daxa Networks set up a new account?

We will setup your account within 24 hours after we receive orders. After the new account TSB. completed we will notify you via e-mail, including user_id, password, and FTP access. You can upload your files immediately. If you register a full domain, we will provide temporary URL to access (to test the files you have uploaded), until registration / transfer your domain name is complete.

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How long time until my domain name be active?

If you are using a shared or sub-domains, within 24 hours is already active. If you use the full domain, either new or transfer, usually within 1-3 days can only be active.

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Featured anything contained in the control panel?

For linux package, a feature that is provided is a Full Backup, Log Manager, Automatic Installer and many more. While managing to win in 2003 is just an email.

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